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Are you struggling with your marketing initiatives and do you have trouble matching your current marketing strategy what fits your business model?

Topquest has successfully written and applied marketing strategies for diverse group of industries. For Telecom industry, The Energy Industry, Fashion & Beauty, Medical, Financial Services, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Logistics & Transport and many more.

Through our years of experience in the field of Marketing & Sales, we have a system built to ensure that your marketing strategy is tailored to your objectives, feeding your sales teams and delivering on your brand promise.


In the current highly competitive market, more and more companies have to deal with how to spend their marketing budget wisely . By the tactical approach to the prospect, automating the marketing, the promotion of digital marketing performance and use of analytical methods make it easier to understand the interaction with the customer

Below to small overview of the strategies offered by us:

-Customer segmentation (based on needs)

-Customer lifecycle and lifetime value management

-Brand and price positioning

-The development of new products and services

-Marketing efficiency and effectiveness

-Customer loyalty (strategy and program)

-Digital marketing (online, mobile, social media)

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